Business Focused




Every successful project begins with strategy. In a discovery session with key stakeholders, we map out long-term business goals, project goals, and tactics to achieve these goals. The secret formula to this process is understanding the target audience. Once we understand who they are and their pain points, we know how to position the company to effectively communicate with their customer base.


Identity design is about more than just a logo. Through strategy, we learn how the company needs to be portrayed to their target audience. We translate that into an entire visual system. This may include deliverables such as logos, typography, colors, patterns, icons, textures, illustrations, and a branding guide. Together, we take a series of collaborative steps to achieve the end goal.


A website should be more than an online brochure. Through strategy, we define the goals of the website. These goals often involve increasing sales, generating more leads, and making the day-to-day operation of the business run smoothly. As a writer, designer, and developer, I have skills necessary to assist in achieving these goals.

Timothy Ricks

Hello! I am a strategic designer with 10 years experience from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I help business owners solve problems, achieve goals, and generate revenue. If you are interested in how we can use strategy to help your business grow, please reach out.