Louisiana Grass Masters

Aiming to acquire more commercial contracts, Louisiana Grass Masters commissioned me to design an identity for the company. In the past, new clients could discover the business only through word of mouth. Together we brainstormed brand attributes, defined key competitors, selected the target audience, and outlined a plan for obtaining new contracts.

Scope of Work:

Strategy / Identity

The Strategy

I assessed the websites and identity systems of the top three competitors in Louisiana Grass Masters' service area and found that each of them had a very weak identity and online presence. Unfortunately, I also found that my client had no online presence. Based on my research and a discovery session with the client, we crafted a brand strategy for positioning the business in the market place.

The Brand attributes

In one of the initial meetings with my client, we brainstormed brand attributes together which I later narrowed down to three. In The Brand Gap, Marty Neumeier said, “A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.” By guiding my client through a series of targeted questions, we were able to uncover what consumer perception of his business should be.

The Icon

The icon represents a field of grass and the Action Driven brand attribute. It is also a subtle nod to the right then left process of cutting grass.

The Grid

The entire logo was designed on a grid, highlighting the Detail Oriented brand attribute.

The Brand guide

In the branding guide PDF, I included the brand attributes, correct uses for each version of the logo, typography, a color guide, icons, and patterns.