Spectacular Tubers

Spectacular Tubers is a baked potato restaurant with franchise locations throughout Louisiana. It specializes in oversized potatoes filled with meats, seafood, vegetables, cheese, sauces, and more. With the goal of increasing sales at all locations, I met with key stakeholders within the organization to develop and implement a plan for growth.

Scope of Work:

Strategy / Identity / Website

The Customers

For this rebrand to be effective, we needed to clearly understand the customers and their needs. I facilitated strategy workshops with key stakeholders to understand their ideal customer base. We also surveyed current customers and defined attributes of the target audience. Based on our research, we redesigned the logo, website, and menu. We simplified the ordering process, redesigned and added items to the kids menu, and introduced new events such as family night.



The logo

I kept what worked well from the previous logo while refining it to improve legibility and versatility. I was able maintain the brand recognition built from years of marketing while modernizing the mark and making it appeal to Spectacular Tubers' customers.

Old website
new website

The website

I designed this new website for Spectacular Tubers to load faster, be easier to navigate, and be mobile responsive. We receive a tremendous amount of positive customer feedback on the user-friendliness and on the inclusion of photos of each menu item. Upon launch, unique website visits more than doubled.

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The menu

The original menu had 44 potatoes. I recommended replacing most of them with four steps to create your own potato. All original items can still be ordered through these steps along with brand new ones. I also shortened menu item descriptions by eliminating any unnecessary words. As a result, waiting lines began moving faster. Customers were able to easily find what they wanted without losing any of their favorites.