Spectacular Tubers

Spectacular Tubers is a baked potato restaurant with franchise locations throughout Louisiana. It specializes in oversized potatoes filled with meats, seafood, vegetables, cheese, sauces, and more. With the goal of increasing sales at all locations, I met with key stakeholders within the organization to develop and implement a plan for growth.

Developing the strategy

I began by conducting extensive research on the demographics surrounding Spectacular Tubers (ST) locations. Then I facilitated a session with key stakeholders discussing their marketing mix, conducting a SWOT analysis, and defining target markets based on research.

We started this strategy with "the why." Simon Sinek said, “People don't buy what you do. People buy why you do it.” I crafted mission and value statements for the ST team reflecting their faith-based beliefs. I also planned a family night to be held at ST locations with free face painting and balloon animals to further demonstrate their family-first values.

Menu Item Photography

I photographed all menu items to be used on the website, promotional banners, social media, and the menu.

Revamping the website

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Strategic menu redesign

The original menu had 44 tubers. Spectacular Tubers prides itself in offering many choices to its customers. In this new design, I recommended replacing most of the tubers with four steps to create your own potato. All of the old tubers can still be created through these steps along with brand new ones. I also shortened menu item descriptions by eliminating any unnecessary words. As a result, the waiting lines started to move faster. Customers were able to easily find what they wanted without losing any of their favorites.

Branding materials

I also designed business cards, stationary, signage, and employee manuals to look consistent with the new Spectacular Tubers brand image.

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